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Seeds Indeed Is a Delightful Take on Seeds as Snacks

by Natalie Mouradian on 11/09/2017 | 3 Minute Read

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Chinmayee Bagade created the delightful packaging for Seeds Indeed, a conceptual brand that aims to sell healthy seed snack products. The packaging comes with a pop of color and wonderfully intricate illustrations.

“Not many today are aware that little edible seeds like chia, flax, watermelon, hemp etc are loaded with dietary fibres, proteins, healthy fats and many antioxidants.”

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'Seeds Indeed' a hypothetical brand targeting the fast-paced lives introduces little refillable fun snack packs to promote healthy munching on the go. The main functions of this snack pack being, that you are able to munch these seeds anywhere or just sprinkle them on top of anything that you are having to add nutrition to. By keeping this in mind, a handy form in a compact size was made. The form is inspired by the shape of a seed and is constructed in a way that it can lie on its back as well as stand alone. It is not only easy to carry around but is also ergonomic, attractive, refillable and stackable. It enables the fast-paced lives to take care of their health and nutrition on the go. Vibrant colours were directly chosen from key colours of the flavours. The tone of the visuals are fun and a little story of our day to day lives is illustrated. What better way to show the chaos and on the go lives than a doodle. The rest of the pack is a stark white to balance the illustration and for the product to stand out from the rest on the shelf.”

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Designed By: Chinmayee BagadeCredit: Kalyani RajguruLocation: India