Perrier’s Latest Limited Edition is Giving Us Life

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 10/30/2017 | 2 Minute Read

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We can’t wait to get our hands on this! Perrier Sparkling Mineral Water launched limited edition packaging featuring original designs by artist Eric Rieger, also known as HOTTEA. We’re digging the bold geographic design inspired by HOTTEA’s own typographical installations and super fresh color palette. Plus, it’s always a treat to see talented artists featured on packaging.

Adora Ugokwe, Senior Marketing Manager, Partnerships for Perrier, stated, "Perrier has a rich heritage in the arts and is committed to supporting the next-generation of inspiring leaders shaping today's creative culture. Perrier's ARTXTRA initiative serves as a unique platform to collaborate with inspiring talent such as HOTTEA and we're thrilled to be unveiling his limited-edition collection of packaging to art lovers and Perrier fans alike."

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In addition to this custom designed packaging, this December HOTTEA and Perrier plan to co-create an immersive art installation at 29Rooms, Refiner29’s hotspot where style, culture and tech come to life by global artists and visionaries.

“Earlier this year, HOTTEA was named the 2017 Perrier Artist of the Year through the brand's ARTXTRA initiative, which engaged three emerging contemporary artists to design original packaging designs, and invited consumers to select the winner by voting online.”

“Based in Minneapolis, HOTTEA is an Emmy award-winning artist known for using brightly-colored yarn to create elaborate, eye-catching and non-destructive installations. His works have been displayed throughout the United States and internationally, most recently in the Mall of America in Minnesota and the Urban Nation Museum of Urban Contemporary Art in Berlin.”

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Designed by: Perrier and HOTTEA

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