Featured image for La Fidelia is the Tea That Is Blending Peruvian Tradition With Modernity

La Fidelia is the Tea That Is Blending Peruvian Tradition With Modernity

by Natalie Mouradian on 10/25/2017 | 3 Minute Read

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La Fidelia is a tea brand is inspired by the flora and fauna of Peru. The packaging features beautiful intricate illustrations of plants and other organic shapes that are reminiscent of paper cutouts.

“La Fidelia is born with the intention to create the first artisan and natural tea brand made 100% with Peruvian flowers and fruits. The first step is to give a purpose to the brand, and for that, we created the story of a peasant named La Fidelia. She is an expert in the art of infusions and a special sensitivity when selecting her ingredients. It is in this ancestral story that we find the inspiration to develop the logo and packaging.”

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“The proposed icon for the logo was created based on the fusion of the herbal element and the teapot. Inspired in the art from Ayacucho, Peru we gave live to the packages by showing La Fidelia in different situations. Every illustrated situation as well as the color palette, was created distinguishing the three families that form the three product lines, keeping a relation with the benefits that each of the families have.

The result is a brand that breathes Peruvian identity and tradition seen from a modern angle. The proposal achieves a mysticism that promotes the sensations transmitted by the infusions.”

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Art Directors: Paloma Nieri, Jorge Rocca Graphic Designers: Carla Eráusquin, Paloma Nieri Illustrator: Carla Eráusquin Copywriter: Jorge Rocca y Fausto Bravo Photography: Jimena AgoisLocation: Lima, Perú