COLOURFORM is Changing the Game for Sustainable Packaging

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 10/20/2017 | 3 Minute Read

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Even when consumers have recyclable materials, that doesn’t always mean it’s headed to the recycling plant. But James Cropper 3D Products has revolutionized sustainable packaging with COLOURFORM, a renewable, recyclable and colored molded fiber packaging product that won’t stick around on Planet Earth for 400+ years.

The product is made from 100% renewable, natural wood fibers that come from well-managed forests and high-quality recycled materials from Cropper’s own recycling plant. Instead of plastic and other packaging materials, brands can use COLOURFORM to reduce their carbon footprint.

The way it works is simple: obviously, it can be recycled, and precision embossing gives consumers clear information on how to do so properly. But if it ends up in the landfill, it will naturally biodegrade without a trace. And there’s no need for brands to compromise on the look and feel of their packaging—each item is design for customer requirements and match any color, complete with a quality, tactile finish.

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Matthew Miller, business director at James Cropper 3D Products, said, “Sustainability is higher on the agenda of businesses than ever before, with consumer brands in particular looking to tackle the landfill crisis by sourcing more environmentally responsible ways to package their products. With COLOURFORM, we’re allowing such companies to boost their ‘green’ credentials, while helping end consumers to recycle easily – a huge milestone for packaging.”

“James Cropper 3D Products works with world class brands who are leading the way to a sustainable future with COLOURFORM. Typical applications include box inserts to support, display and protect products, outer packaging and packaging components.”

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Matthew added, “Historically, moulded fibre packaging has been rather prosaic and only available in a limited number of colours and textures. However, with our bespoke, design-engineered approach and exact colour matching capabilities, we can offer brands unrivalled quality, appeal and design, which enables them to enhance their brand identity while reducing their environmental impact.

“Brands really do now have all the creative freedom they need to stand out sustainably.”

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