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That’s Right—this Intense Whiskey is 117 Proof

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 10/18/2017 | 1 Minute Read

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“Clyde Mays, but heavier.” Heavier, indeed! Stranger & Stranger designed the packaging for Clyde May’s Cask Strength Whiskey, rated at 117 proof. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart.

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The spirit is aged for eight years in charred oak barrels, and the label has an enticing darkened texture to reflect this. Shining gold accents add to the experience, making it a fine whiskey to sip slowly at the end of the day. With some serious Alabama pride, the bottle itself is embossed with the state name to celebrate where it hails from. The look is hearty and strong, highlighting the strong flavor inside.

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Designed by: Stranger & Stranger

Client: Clyde May's Whiskey

Country: Global