The Typeface on These Wines Cleverly Illustrates their Meaning

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 11/02/2017 | 3 Minute Read

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Typeface lovers, this one’s for you. G2Design is behind these font-focused wine that is playful and sophisticated.

Rascallion: n. - Jocular, a rascal, a scamp

“Rascallion wants to change the conversation with consumers so that they don’t talk about the wine only, they talk about what the brand says to them via its packaging and sensorial interplay. And Rascallion wants its consumers to have fun whilst engaging with the brand. This was the task that Rascallion set the G2 agency.”

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

The Concept

“The wines of the Word Collection provide an introduction to a world where words portray emotions and actions that stimulate the senses. They add to the experience of drinking wine as they embrace an uncomplicated world where the emotional connection between the word and the wine is direct and immediate. It’s not of tomorrow, it’s now; it’s fun, and it invites others to become involved in the experience.”

“The arresting designs have the Word Collection range leaping off the shelf, striking consumers directly with its raw emotive visual expression.”

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The Range

“The visual communication evoked by the G2 design team provides a simple connection between the Rascallion Wines’ goals and consumers. The brand is directed immediately towards consumers and the desire that Rascallion has for them to physically embrace the bottles of wine, to read them, to enjoy them with good food and company, and to talk about them.”

“Aquiververb · [a–kwi–ver]Def: quivering, trembling (with anticipation)”

“Pandiculationnoun · [pan-dik-yuh-ley-shuh-n]Def: lazy stretching (after a sound sleep)”

“Susurrousadjective · [soo-sur-uh s]Def: soft distant soothing sound (of waves breaking)”

“Bombinateverb · [bom-buh-neyt]Def: rumbling buzzing noise (of bees stirring)”

Editorial photograph

Designed by: G2Design, Stellenbosch

Client: Rascallion Wines - Ross Sleet, Jan Sleet

Designers: Lizanne Jordaan (Creative Direction), Chani Coetzee (Susurrous & Bombinate), Mareta Botha (Pandiculation), Ashton Winkworth (Aquiver)

Printer: Limitless Labels, Paar

Country: South Africa


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