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Take an Exotic Journey with these Dreamy Limited Edition Marvis Toothpastes

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 11/02/2017 | 4 Minute Read

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It’s definitely not an easy feat for well-loved brands to take the leap and do something unique and boldly different with their packaging while still appealing to their current consumers. Marvis, however, does it well with their limited edition Wonders of the World line of toothpastes that will make you want to pack your bags and head off to strange lands. Designed by RobilantAssociati, the packaging takes some of the known cues from the brand (like the recognizable font and border) but injects it with a newfound energy. The different flavors will take consumers on a journey, and a vintage-inspired world map, illustrations of flora and fauna, and historical landmarks will lead the way—all while retaining Marvis’ level of luxury.

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“Update without affecting brand identity. This is the challenge that many agencies face nowadays. A limited edition for Marvis shows one of the avenues brands can take.”

Devised by RobilantAssociati—the brand advisory and strategic design company that leads the Italian market and is increasingly the preference of international clients – The Wonders of the World special edition is an exercise in brilliant juggling between an identity to preserve and an urgent need to convey innovation.

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“A brand with international appeal, eclectically tied to different expressive worlds and languages, but always guided by aesthetics. Marvis is a timeless, eternally relevant icon,” stated Roger Botti, director general of RobilantAssociati and the project’s creative director. “Marvis embodies a creative, metropolitan dandy who is eclectic, curious and versatile, and with an eye for spotting emerging trends before they become a fashion. In today’s market context, however, even love-brands like this—long-established, iconic, untouchable—are required to stay in step with consumers’ new expectations and with contemporary-culture languages.”

“This was the basis for The Wonders of the World, a new collection of unusual, highly sophisticated flavours (Royal, Karakum and Rambas). Together with the company, RobilantAssociati’s brand strategists studied the collection’s name, concept and imagery. Lastly, Marvis’s master ‘perfumers’ developed the flavour notes and compositions. A journey of discovery of the Old and New Worlds, to exotic, fantastic places and their millennia-spanning cultures. The packaging for these Wonders continues the journey as it engages with the senses and images that each of the three flavours evoke through a fantastic, dreamy illustrative language.”

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“An unprecedented new-product development project based on a profound knowledge of the brand and its identity and, in keeping with its natural talent, gives it new vitality and interest,” Roger Botti said. The great thing about this special edition is that it raises consumers’ level of attention towards the brand by increasing its communicative impact, memorability and the perception of its dynamism.”

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Designed by: RobilantAssociati

Country: Italy