Featured image for Mushroom-Infused Products Never Looked so Elegant

Mushroom-Infused Products Never Looked so Elegant

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 02/13/2017 | 3 Minute Read

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You may not love mushrooms, but their many health benefits might just sway you to try Loom’s line of products. Pusher Studio was tasked with designing Loom, giving mushrooms a good name and allowing consumers to focus on the medicinal benefits as well as the wonderful flavor of their products. The packaging is simple and modern, having a bit of an artisanal feel while still highlighting the wonderful health aspects mushrooms possess.

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“Loom is a local enterprise from the eastern townships, a small rural region close to the city of Montreal. They offer a selection of fungus-related products that are either medicinal or gourmet. The business currently focus on two species, the notorious reishi, who’s been celebrated for its many therapeutic and tonifying effects to the body, and the delicious Lion’s Mane (fresh or dehydrated), a gourmet mushroom prized for its rarity as well as its various flavours.”

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“Our goal was to create a sophisticated and elegant brand that would detach it from its competitors, while developing a concise system that would be cheap and efficient. The world of these lab-cultivated mushrooms also pushed us into finding a balance between the scientific and artisanal aspects of the company. In order to present essential and just information in harmony with the graphic style of the packaging, extensive research on the history and benefits of these mushrooms were crucial.”

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Creative direction & design by: Pusher Studio

Client: Loom

Printer: Quadriscan

Country: Canada