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The Oil Painting Design for this CD is Simply Stunning

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 02/08/2017 | 4 Minute Read

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It’s impossible to miss this on the shelf. The rich colors on this album are an instant draw and even add texture to set the CD apart. ANGLE visual integration developed the cover design to be an extension of the music—a mix of old and new. TOUCHING certainly presents these ideas together, with thick strokes of the brush and some bold, colorful geometry.

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“When Teresa Teng's Oriental style old songs ‘encounter’ Western classical music, the original meaning of the lyrics are infused into the melody of the song, while also retaining the essence of the melody. Art resulting from such an interweaving of the classical and the modern reintroduces Teresa Teng's music in all its elegance!”

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“The oil painting of the album cover design uses multiple layers of color stacked upon each other to create a rich unique characteristic, and serves as a metaphor of new and old genres of music and philosophies overlapping each other. In addition, the unique nature of a painting corresponds with the timelessness of Teresa's music. To correspond with the name of the album, ‘Contact,’ a texture and sense of touch was added, allowing the music to not only be heard but also felt. Therefore, the notes of the music sheet printed on the clear casing have a degree of thickness, that can be felt to feel the temperature of the music. The same concept also extends to the random arrangement of transparent lamination in the lyrics book.”

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Designed by: ANGLE visual integration

Country: Taiwan