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Four Ways to Light the Perfect Match

by Ivan Navarro on 02/08/2017 | 2 Minute Read

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Calling all candle lovers and the OCD prone, the perfect match is here! Long gone are the days of using any old matchstick, thanks to the creative minds at Leo Burnett Canada, who created not one, but four different size matchsticks for all your burning needs. Each colorful set neatly divides matches by length and color coded heads, eliminating the worry of wasting prized matches on unworthy causes. Never again will big hands thwart attempts to light that last part of your dyptique candle, simply opt for the long match and smell the sweet smell of triumph. 

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"Life is full of things that need burning. Some things, like candles, need short matchsticks. Other things, like dynamite, need long sticks. Inside The Perfect Match box are four matchstick lengths with different coloured heads. The sticks are organized in a custom tray that slides into one of four embossed cases. Now, no one will go without The Perfect Match."

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed By: Leo Burnett Canada

Country: Canada 

Design: Man Wai Wong, Kristina ValiunasCreative Direction: Judy John, Lisa Greenberg, Ryan CrouchmanWriter: Steve PersicoPrinter: Somerset