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Featured image for Celebrate the Craft of Making Whiskey with The Whiskey Makers Series

Celebrate the Craft of Making Whiskey with The Whiskey Makers Series

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 02/02/2017 | 3 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

For Jameson, whiskey isn’t just a beverage you enjoy—it’s an art form. Jameson Whiskey launched a trio of spirits called The Whiskey Makers Series, which celebrates the craft itself. Pond Design created the packaging, making each whiskey unique and giving consumers insight into who made it and how.

“A super premium series that celebrates the people behind the art of whiskey making: Jameson’s Head Distiller, Head Cooper and Head Blender. Each master inspired a whiskey that focuses on his individual craft.”

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

“The whiskeys are named after each maker’s favourite tool. The series includes a distillate-driven whiskey, a wood/maturation-driven and a blend-driven—each representing a particular craft and craftsman.”

“The illustrations are inspired by copper engravings, which were traditionally used instead of photos. The elaborated, hand-made style of the illustration matches the craftsmanship aura of the whiskey. The design uses original illustrations made by David Rooney, an award winning, and renowned Irish illustrator.”

“The fingerprint—the craftsman’s personal touch is a premium detail, well fitting for a super-premium range, but done with an unpretentious attitude.”

“The Whiskey Makers Series is named after the Makers’ tools, the tangible connection between the person and the skill. The tools symbolise the world of craftsmanship in a concrete and realistic way. They provide a glimpse of the craft itself, and invite consumers to learn more about the makers and their world.”

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

“The Safe symbolises that particular attention to details and the skill of the Distiller to exactly direct and separate the spirit from low wines and feints. It’s called Safe because it used to be firmly locked to prevent people from siphoning off spirits to avoid paying duty on the alcohol.

A Croze is a tool used by the Cooper for making the groove into which the head of the cask or barrel is positioned. To use a croze correctly, many years of practice are needed.”

“The Dog is a tool used by the Blender to collect whiskey samples straight fromthe cask. The name was given to it by the rascals of the past who would keep on with them to take some whiskey from the caskat the end of a long day. It was the blender’s (and many workers) most loyal friend, following them around like their favourite dog.”

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by: Pond Design

Client: Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard, Dublin, Ireland

Illustration: David Rooney

Country: Sweden

City: Stockholm

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