Indulge Your Senses with Unique Xinu? Fragrances

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 01/23/2017 | 4 Minute Read

Perfume isn’t just for your sense of smell anymore. With Xinu?, you can take yourself on a journey that appeals to your olfactory memory but also incorporates a beautiful visual story as well. Esrawe + Cadena developed the packaging which stands out in so many ways, from the collage image on the front of the box to the unusual shape of the bottle itself.

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

“Xinu? is a unique perfume brand that draws its inspiration from the America’s aromatic botany; using the highest quality raw materials, its perfumes document and pay homage to the visual and olfactory richness of the continent’s species. Xinu? builds its foundation on the sensory indulgence provided by scents, it appeals to our individual olfactory memory.”

“America symbolizes vastness and exoticism, a permanent search and discovery. Xinu? is a reflection of botanical richness, artisanal mastery, cutting edge design and olfactory delight.”

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

“The formal development of the bottle is inspired by the abstract precolonial sculpture, myths, magic, sacred geometry, the wisdom of nature, seeds, cells and spores. The precepts and philosophy used in the sculpture of Brancusi, translating the essence of things in a three-dimensional experience carried to its purest and simplest expression.”

“The creative process had in itself an awareness of recycling and permanence conditions under the clear understanding, that a simple and convincing expression means a highly complex execution, which needs high quality materials.”

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

“The container made out of blown glass and handcrafted certified wood lids, aim at getting us closer to creating a beautiful non-disposable object that endures and can be used in multiple ways evolving from a scent container to a vase, censer or a decorative piece of contemplation, thus giving the object a permanent and ever changing second life.”

“The wood appears as balance and counterpart of the container’s transparency, responding to Xinu?’s close affinity with nature, its physical expression synthesizes emotions, traditions, sensitivity and spirituality.”

Editorial photograph

Designed by: Esrawe + Cadena

Concept: Ignacio Cadena, He?ctor Esrawe, Vero?nica Pen?a

Concept & Creative Direction: Ignacio Cadena, He?ctor Esrawe

Founder: Vero?nica Pen?a


Team Esrawe + Cadena: Alejandro Pen?a, Berenice Herna?ndez, Luis Medelli?n, Ricardo Bideau, Alberto Yapor, Hugo Ozuna, Solana Lorenzo, Manuel Ban?o?, David Flores, Michelle Bajona

Illustrations & art: Rene? Tapia, Emilio Cadena, Ignacio Cadena

Photography: Jaime Navarro Soto

Country: Mexico


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