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Mainland Dairy Products

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 09/13/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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“Good things take time, but they can't stand still.” An iconic New Zealand dairy brand, Mainland, was starting to look a bit too ordinary. They turned to Dow Design Ltd for a much-needed makeover that was equally subtle and profound, hoping to gain back their premium edge and show off their credentials.

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“The addition of a shadow image of Mainland’s Central Otago heartland, more muted variant colours, and a crafted treatment of the fonts, all add up to a sophisticated makeover. But it was the addition of a flavour scale, and tightly linking Mainland’s unique ageing process with its distinctive taste profile, that has really step changed the mainstream cheese category. A makeover that has made Mainland anything but mainstream. So yes, good things take time, but not too much time if you want to stay ahead of the game.”

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Mainland’s new look is confident and strong, much like some of the flavorful cheeses they sell. In the background of the packaging we see tall mountain peaks, a nod to where the dairy products are made. The phrase “Good things take time” is incorporated into the logo, emphasizing that they put solid production practices before anything else. A large sans serif font is used for each product type, exuding a modern and bold attitude. Deep, rich colors feel mature and build up the consumer’s trust in the brand.

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Designed by: Dow Design Ltd

Client: Fonterra

Country: New Zealand