Johan & Nyström Special Coffee Anniversary Box

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 09/12/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Johan & Nyström released an extra special coffee. Garbergs Project created the packaging for the fine coffee beans that come from all over the world while also recognizing everyone who has ever worked with the company in their decade in business.

“The result: a well designed package to be used for all different flavors of the world. Each box with a unique coloured sealing, which in handwriting presents the place of origin and the farm from which the cherries have been carefully selected, even the exact coffee roaster´s name is written on the sealing.”

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“Outside the box is to read the names of all people that have ever worked at Johan & Nyström since the beginning ten years ago, and therefore contributed to all the knowledge and coffee expertise. The text also includes the brand history and philosophy.”

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Because coffee beans usually come in just bags, the box packaging immediately makes it a more memorable experience. Including the names of those who have worked at Johan & Nyström is a simple and sweet gesture, and it gives the packaging a modern, edgy appearance. The colored stickers pop against the gray and black packaging, reminding consumers of the unique flavors that coffee beans will have when sourced from different locations.

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Designed by: Garbergs Project

Client: Johan & Nyström

Country: Sweden

City: Stockholm

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