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Strizh Black

by Elizabeth Freeman on 09/26/2016 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Products under the brand name "Strizhament" produced since 1868. The company makes the classical brand tinctures and balms created from natural ingredients which became already legendary. New STRIZH Black bitter expands a classical line of beverages of the company, remaining right traditions and the principles of a brand with long history.

"We understood that it is necessary to create a new image of already fallen in love product carefully. However, a youth audience, which is the main consumer of this drink is characterized by dynamics, so we shortened the name as it is and without us doing all those is familiar with the Strizhament brand. New drink received the name STRIZH (SWIFT)." 

Editorial photograph

Swift is a unique bird that spends almost all his life in flight, in motion. It is fast-moving, and its image is extremely accurately reflects the toning nature of bitters STRIZH and coincides with the nature of the consumer of the drink - the young and vigorous man important to them to fill the rest with new bright emotions. STRIZH Bitter is based on the southern herbs, spices and fruits, and the combination of which gives rise to the unique taste of this drink. We have tried to show the naturalness and refined nature of the product on the bottle illustration. 

Editorial photograph

Prepress: Maxim Vihlyancev

Illustration: Tatyana Trikoz

Naming and Concept: Dmitry Panfilov , Andrey Udovichenko

Photographer: Andrey Fomenko

Decoration: Roman Yushko and daricvety.com

Designed by Panfilov & Yushko CG

Client: strizhament.ru

Country: Russia