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Fe?mme revolutionizes the feminine care market in China

by Elizabeth Freeman on 09/06/2016 | 4 Minute Read

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Finally, a tampon that women don't have to shy away from. Fe?mme is a brand aiming to revolutionize the feminine care market in China. Designed by Pearlfisher, packaging for these hygiene products is luxurious and modern. With beautiful pastels of lavender, green, and rose, this line not only elevates the disposable product but makes it discreet.  

Stigmatised by cultural misconceptions and concerns around how to use tampons as well as their effectiveness, China’s tampon market is practically non-existent, constituting just 1% of the £60,7 billion feminine care industry. In recent years, however, as ripples of western feminism have stirred in China, commercial interest in tampons has begun to grow, with a distinct disconnect emerging between the nature of the category and the aspirations of young Chinese women.

Yoai – a visionary Chinese company established less than a year ago – intends to succeed where countless other international corporations failed by being the first to create a market for tampons in China by changing perceptions of the poorly understood product. Looking to sell on WeChat, Yoai turned to Pearlfisher to develop the brand strategy, naming, brand identity and packaging design for their tampon range, the first in a pipeline of innovative feminine products to launch.

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Looking to inject confidence and positivity into a category characterised by apologetic expressions of femininity, Pearlfisher Strategy rooted its approach in the mission to empower “the woman within.” The brand name, ‘Fe?mme’ – an elegant allusion to female sensuality – looks to shift perceptions of menstruation from patronising to positive; from conservatively traditional to boldly symbolic of contemporary female identity.

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Needing to be simultaneously stylish and discreet, the brand mark is easily recognised by those in the know as a symbol of femininity, but does not overtly communicate the concepts of ‘tampon’ or ‘period.’ Natalie Chung, Creative Director at Pearlfisher, said, “The logo - the Chinese character of womanhood contained within a circle and embossed in bold red - places the brand in a modern, chic space whilst retaining an element of cultural significance. The elegant sans-serif word-mark elevates the product from basic pharmacy to high-end premium, with a hit of the circular logo subtly indicating European aspiration as it forms an accent on the ‘e?’.”

Structurally, the tampon box is elegant and long, with premium detailing such as colourless embossing, a foil logo and card inserts of line-drawn female forms adding a distinct element of specialness to the product experience. Subtle colour-coding of boxes and tampon wrappers indicate different product sizes, whilst back-of-pack educational information dispels cultural misconceptions by shedding light on correct usage.”

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Victoria Li at Yoai said, “Fe?mme is a ‘first-of-its-kind’, from product, branding and distribution perspectives and is on course to revolutionise China’s feminine care category. Pearlfisher’s brand identity is based on a modern interpretation of Chinese values, as opposed to something overly westernised or protective of conservative tradition and we are thrilled at the significant role this new brand will play in contributing to a feminine liberation in the region.” 

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Founder and Chief Creative Officer: Jonathan Ford, Pearlfisher

Creative Director: Natalie Chung, Pearlfisher

Strategy Director: Yael Alaton, Pearlfisher

Designer: Jess Philips, Pearlfisher

Account Director: Stuart McClelland, Pearlfisher 

Designed by Pearlfisher