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IL BUON Brand identity

by Elizabeth Freeman on 09/07/2016 | 4 Minute Read

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Il Buon is a new bistro, grill restaurant, wine bar specialized in local cuisine with an international touch, using exclusively valuable Italian ingredients cooked with love. Designed by Bocanegra Studio, packaging for coffee and to-go containers use kraft paper as a substrate to give a rustic yet modern feel to the brand. 

"We were asked to focus the identity on the italian tradition, with a modern breath. The brand had to recall the old times, but updated to the present  with a twist of cultural contaminations. The easy and friendly mood and the cosy atmosphere had to be paramount throughout the whole communication. We were asked to take care of the naming and create a strong, recognizable dynamic identity, able to be declined in many variations. The identity is based on an impacting typographic logo. We took inspiration from old Italian street signs, aiming to characterize the whole identity with a taste of traditional (italian) style."

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The logotype (the fixed element), paired with verbal and visual components (the dynamic element) highlights products and concepts, creating a complete and strong branding system.

There is a strong interaction between the visual and verbal identity, achieved through the combination of the logotype with the products names, food illustrations, and classical italian common sayings. This combination translates visually the two souls behind the idea: the logo with his vintage character represents tradition, while the copy, manual, instinctive and mutable reflects both the intention to revise and experiment and the artisanal cuisine.

For the naming, of course we chose Italian language. Il Buon (the good in english) evokes goodness in food, in intention and confidence. The logo includes three (decorative) variations.

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For the copy, we created an hand-drawn, intentionally unrefined typeface. The letters were then scanned and digitized. With the same manual style we designed a set of illustrations of foods and kitchen tools. Two different patterns, made by words and illustrations, complete the identity, adding a playful touch.

Playing with the identity elements is possible to create posters, postcards and an almost infinite serie of brand collateral.

The result is a bold, dynamic, but always recognizable identity.

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Designed by Bocanegra Studio

Country: Italy