BrandOpus creates new brand for JF Rabbit Veg Water

by Elizabeth Freeman on 09/05/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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The high demand for low sugar products and the 17% year on year growth in the booming £400m flavoured water market inspired entrepreneurs Felix Tanzer and James Shillcock (founder of Vivid Drinks) to formulate the world’s first all natural vegetable water brand. 

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Appointed design agency BrandOpus hopped at the chance to invent the brand from scratch. They conceived the brand character J.F.Rabbit; a mad rabbit professor who’s fascinated by the inherent goodness of vegetables. For Veg Water, he has invented ingenious vegetable contraptions that navigate and blend fresh water with vegetables, to create a range of delicious drinks, all 100% natural with no added sugar. J.F.Rabbit's Veg Water is available in three different varieties: ginger, beetroot, and cucumber.

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Executive Creative Director: Paul Taylor

Design Director: Rachel Bright

Designer: Rob Dyer

Designed by BrandOpus

Client: Felix Tanzer & James Shillcock 

Country: United Kingdom


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