by Elizabeth Freeman on 10/06/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Teaforia is the tea brand breaking all the rules - the next level of real tea, a mix of the familiar & the unexpected. Tea that is full of flavour to make you experience intense feelings of well-being, elation, excitement & joy. Tea that is amazing, surprising, flavourful and...tastes like no other. Their sensational gourmet blends are made with the highest quality, finely ground rooibos and green tea leaves, so the whole leaf can be drunk. Each one is naturally flavored with zingy lemon and spicy ginger and can be drunk as a refreshing iced tea or as a warming ‘pick me up’. 

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The company behind Teaforia is Zacely and their approach to tea has been to side-step convention and create innovative, delicious and exciting products that deliver amazing flavour. This Way Up's work in repositioning the brand and redesigning the packaging had to capture this essence of change, excitement and revolutionising the tea experience. 

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This Way Up's solution was to use the idea of an exploding tea leaf, to reflect the flavor intensity of the product and the ground tea ingredients. The vibrant variant colors contrast with the black background to create impact and taste appeal on shelf. The tealeaf shape has been used across the pack to contain information and bring consistency to the branding. Teaforia looks like no other tea brand and tastes like no other.

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Co-Founder: David Pearman

Designed by This Way Up

Country: United Kingdom


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