The Soulfull Project

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 10/04/2016 | 4 Minute Read

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They got soul. The Soulfull Project, a new PBC (a wholly owned subsidiary of Campbells), hired Soulsight to develop the Soulfull Project—a food brand that also gives back to the community and helps those in need.

“On a mission to make a difference and better their community, a group of seasoned CPG marketers engaged Soulsight to help launch The Soulfull Project. Working collaboratively, Soulsight and the team of entrepreneurs embarked on a journey to define and develop a new brand that would evangelize healthy eating by operating on a ‘buy one, give one model’—purchase one Soulfull Project item and The Soulfull Project will donate an equivalent serving to a local food bank. In partnership with The Soulfull Project team, Soulsight developed the visual identity, packaging, merchandise and digital communication strategy."

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"Due to the serious nature of the project, the identity is strong, proud and confident, while working in harmony with hand touched elements to layer in some humanity. Because The Soulfull Project is based in urban areas of Philadelphia and New Jersey, a certain amount of grit along with image textures were layered into the overall identity to connect the areas that will be influenced by the project.”

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The Soulfull Project works in two parts. First, they provide nourishing food to those who purchase their products. Second, they make donations to food banks to help those who are less fortunate. The Soulfull Project foods, such as their hot cereal, emphasize that they’re simply wholesome, delicious foods but also that purchasing them has an impact in the community. Images of hands holding and working together increases the awareness of community ties, and the somewhat gritty appearance is not only suitable for more urban areas but it also keeps the brand looking fresh and energetic. Bright colors help to identify the flavors, while the black seal clearly keeps all their products consistent and easy to find.

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by Soulsight

Client: Campbells Soup Company

Country: United States

City: Chicago, IL

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