by Theresa Christine Johnson on 10/04/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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The farmers market just got brought into the supermarket—for your furry friend, that is. FARMERS MARKET is a new natural pet food brand from the Real Pet Food Company, and Saltmine Design Group was tasked with creating the master brand identity for this premium quality product launched in both Australia and the United States.

“With 46% of Australians now considering themselves a ‘foodie,’ what we eat and how it looks has become front of mind for many shoppers, and they demand the same quality for their precious pets. With this in mind, the Real Pet Food Company set out to create a brand which will set a new benchmark in the pet food category, providing superior taste as well as excellent nutrition from real, natural ingredients.”

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“Saltmine set out to shake up the category, designing the brand mark and packaging for the entire range which includes over 60 varieties across fresh, frozen, wet, dry and treats segments in the Australian and US markets. The brand name FARMERS MARKET was the chosen due to it connotations of real, natural, premium ingredients, which the brand stands for. We know that the brand’s target consumers would love to have the time to shop for their pets’ food at farmers markets and prepare it lovingly at home, as they would their own, but the reality of a busy life means this doesn’t usually happen. That’s where FARMERS MARKET comes in, with wholesome, balanced meals expertly prepared and ready to serve. Recipes are carefully designed with dogs’ nutrition and tastes in mind, and feature succulent meats gently cooked to seal in the flavour.”

“The new brand name led to creation of a masterbrand identity for the new brand. The brand mark is a circular device, a seal of quality which sits atop a dark, premium blue background to denote best in class, with a subtle pinstripe, reminiscent of a butcher’s apron. And what’s most different to the rest of the category? There’s not even a cheesy, posed dog photo on pack!”

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FARMERS MARKET is presented in an entirely different way than most dog foods on the market; actually, it looks like a healthy, prepared meal someone might pick up for themselves at the grocery store. Fresh ingredients are pictured, emphasizing the focus on providing natural foods for pets. FARMERS MARKET doesn’t focus on dogs so much as it does on the “foodie” trend, communicating the pure ingredients that will attract buyers who want to give their pets something natural.

“The FARMERS MARKET’s brand promise, ‘Real food, real flavour. From farm to bowl,’ is brought to life throughout the design with the three tick claims on front of pack and the photographic depiction of the real, natural ingredients featured in each recipe.”

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Designed by: Saltmine Design Group

Country: Australia

City: Sydney

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