Dream of Cookies

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 10/03/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Sweet dreams indeed. If you can’t seem to get enough desserts in your life, then Dream of Cookies is here for you. Coba&Associates developed the branding and packaging for these cookies that invite you to, “Dream a little round dream with me.”

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“It was a dreamy story right from the start. A woman finds forgotten cookie recipes left after her late grandfather's legendary Belgrade confectionary shop went out of business. The idea starts developing. The desire for home-made approach and experimenting with different tastes soon leads to the creation of cookies that blew away all who tried them. It was like they came right from a dream and made it completely clear with the connotative brand name. The design was determined to follow the story with graphic elements that represent our imagination and fantasy.”

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These dreamy cookies come wrapped in plastic for freshness and packaged in small batches in a box. Being able to see the cookie is a way for the consumer to examine its freshness right in front of them. Circles are used in the branding—after all, that is the shape of a cookie—and the brown boxes highlight the different rich colors of the cookies. A vibrant color is used for each cookie type, adding in a pop of color, while a script font feels whimsical and fun.

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Creative director: Slobodan Jovanovi?

Design: Predrag Markovic

Designed by Coba&Associates

Client: Dream of Cookies


Photography: Ana Kosti?

Country: Serbia

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