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Järna Mejeri Dairy Products

by Elizabeth Freeman on 09/27/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Järna Mejeri is a small and newly founded dairy based on ecological and biodynamic agriculture. Care is put into allowing the animals to live as naturally as possible, no pesticides or fertilizers are used and production is completely environmentally sustainable.   The design process was quite joyful, the client trusted Priority’s competence and ability to create a unique design. The free reins of the project resulted in a relatively short process, which led to a final result that has helped Järna Mejeri become an established actor on the market.   

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The design aims to differentiate itself from other dairy products in the supermarket dairy shelf – away from strong colours and pattern-based design. Priority chose to highlight and emphasize the purity of the products ecological production process with a minimalistic and visually clean design. White cartons with black typography, symbolizing a pure, clean and high-quality product with incomparable taste.

Editorial photograph

Designer/Creative Director: Jan Vana

Manufacturer: Tetra Pak 

Designed by Priority

Client: Järna Mejeri

Country: Swede