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Target's Archer Farms Redesign

by Elizabeth Freeman on 09/22/2016 | 5 Minute Read

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Hold on tight to your mugs, Target will be releasing their new assortment of Archer Farms coffee come August 7th. After gathering the opinions of target guests and team members alike, coffee flavors have been perfected and expanded to feature organic and natural flavor options.

Not only has each blend been elevated to taste, but the packaging has also been brought up a few notches to really give that "wow" factor. More than 50 unique pieces of art grace Archer Farms' bags and boxes–each telling the story of how and where the coffee was grown. "The new designs help present product names, flavors, and key product attributes more clearly than ever before so you’ll know if it’s direct or fair trade, naturally flavored, light, medium or dark roast."

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“We know that our guests are paying more attention to where their food and products come from and the impact they have on the environment,” said Amanda Irish, vice president, Owned Brands. “As we evaluated the Archer Farms coffee assortment last year, we thought it could be even better, so we decided to overhaul the assortment from farm to cup.” 

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From now on, Archer Farms coffee will stand for three things we know are important to our guests:

Stronger focus on fair and direct trade: Our assortment went from four to 32 fair or direct trade options (meaning Target is directly connected to a specific farm or network of farms). Fun Fact: Target was the first mass retailer to offer direct and fair trade coffee.

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Deeper commitment to the environment: Single-serve coffee pods have been redesigned using Real Cup technology to include BPA-free translucent packaging—the first of its kind at mass in the US! And all of our single-serve pods benefit Waterwise, a clean water non-profit organization committed to cleaning the water supply in Ethiopia through creating sustainable and innovative wet mills.

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Better taste: Thanks to our focus on fair and direct trade, we’ve improved the bean quality and will now offer 12 coffees with all-natural flavoring—something that isn’t widely available in today’s market. And the assortment features ground, bagged coffee and single-serve pods.

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"Speaking of taste, we now have a total of 100 Archer Farms coffee items that’ll help you get your daily fix, sourced from the world’s four major coffee bean growing regions: Southeast Asia, Africa, South America and Central America."

Which brew are you buying?

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Illustrators: Adrian Johnson, Tom Haugomat, & Lan Truong

Designed by Target Creative Team & Collins

Country: United States