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Bibelot Bakery

by Elizabeth Freeman on 09/27/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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A 3,500-year-old practice has inspired the redesign of a new European dessert boutique in the South of Melbourne. Designed by A Friend of Mine, unique mosaic patterns grace every inch of this brand and is used on their cake boxes, chocolate bars, retail bags and even as a backsplash on Bibelot's storefront. The intricate designs not only are striking and hypnotic but are a direct representation of the bakery's attention to detail with every dessert they craft.

"When the owners of Chez Dré in South Melbourne decided to open up a European styled dessert boutique next door, they wanted to stand apart from others and give the space a sense of permanence. Bibelot (French for a small object of curiosity, beauty or desire) was thus born, encompassing an artisanal patisserie, gelateria, coffee bar, chocolate shop and high tea salon."

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"Wanting to marry branding, packaging, and signage together to evoke a strong sense of place, we drew upon traditional mosaic tiling techniques as a design reference point. We custom crafted typography with intricate tiling patterns in a bold and geometric typeface to give a sense of modernity and avoid a pastiche look. A suite of patterns lend the packaging designs variety whilst the deliberately monochromatic palette of black and cream unites the brand. We collaborated with Breathe Architecture and a mosaic artist to create the custom signage elements within the space."

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Designers: Suzy Tuxen, Cassie Brock and Emily Fitts

Artworking: Mim Kennish

Photography: Sarah Anderson Photography.

Designed by A Friend of Mine

Country: Australia