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Pinky Up Tea

by Elizabeth Freeman on 09/22/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Even if you're not big on tea, Pinky Up just might change your mind. With its charming looks and unique flavor palette, you'll most definitely ditch your coffee for a freshly brewed cup of Lavender Sorbet. Designed by True Brands, fragrant loose leaf tea is packaged in beautiful tins with copper-colored lids. Embellished with individual flavor profiles, pops of color emerge from floral and fruit with a special finish on the logo applied with metallic transfer paper. 

"Pinky Up tea is about guilt-free indulgence – a way to enjoy great flavor with no calories and look great while doing it with our full line of on-trend accessories. The brand was created in 2016 in Seattle, WA by a group of women who love tea and want high-quality ingredients but don’t relate to the new age and stuffy images of other tea brands."

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"Aiming to make a tea and accessories brand that appeals to women like them, the creative team of Tatyana Dolgaya, Angella Watterson, and Clare King pooled their efforts. Thus Pinky Up was born! It includes traditional as well as unique flavors such as Chai Latte, Peaches & Cream, Earl Grey Macaron, Candied Apple, Chocolate Mint, Piña Colada, Lavender Sorbet, Honeydew Gelato, Hibiscus Rose Hip, Chamomile Citrus, Crème Brûlée and Tiramisu."

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Have your tea and drink it too.™

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Brand strategist: Tatyana Dolgaya

Product manager: Clare King

Graphic designer: Angella Watterson  

Photo credit: Angela Robinson

Designed by True Brands

Country: United States