Featured image for La Marimorena 2015 Wine

La Marimorena 2015 Wine

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 09/22/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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We love the traditional tattoo style illustrations on La Marimorena 2015. Estudio Maba designed the art and packaging for the wine that has a pure, earthy flavor with hints of fruit.

“Albariño wines smell of wet earth and sea, green and acidic fruits. The Marimorena already had an identity. A fish ‘bones’ naked and honest as the wine it contains. Our mission was to give a content, create a scenario where you tell your story.”

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“Inspiration is a mixture of oriental puppet theater and tattoos ‘old school’ of sailors. Full of symbolism and nuances. The treatment finishes with reliefs outlined strokes and strokes that give color touch also. The ink indicates the optimum point for consumption in a small wink in the form of coiled worm. The result is a label that retains its personality but extolled and justified. We already know that half-smile of La Marimorena was about.”

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

The nature of the illustrations immediately give consumers the sense the La Marimorena 2015 is a wine with attitude and intense, unique flavor—certainly not for the faint of heart. Classic tattoo art, like rolling waves or flying sparrows, appear, and the shading and gradients are impeccable. The foil capsule is a rich blue that speaks to the wet earth and sea flavors in the wine.

Editorial photograph

Designed by  Estudio Maba

Country: Spain