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Vertical Water

by Elizabeth Freeman on 09/20/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Vertical Water is a maple water on a mission that is taking over the natural alternative water category. Created by Feronia Forests, the brains behind Sustainable Full ForestryTM, Vertical Water is a delicious, sustainably tapped maple water whose core mission is to preserve U.S. forestland through a radical new model for conservation. They tasked BRIGADE with rebranding – from logo to packaging and everything in between. We needed to create a look and language that would both capture their mission and help Vertical Water stand out on-shelf. Vertical Water was built on authentic values, yet their mission had been buried and underserved in their previous packaging and branding. BRIGADE finessed the Vertical Water story into a mission that feels compelling and transformative. 

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Digging into the packaging, there were a few obstacles to overcome: first, the fact that this clear, delicious water was packaged in an opaque TetraPak; and second, maple water was a fairly new category in the beverage world and there was tremendous confusion as to what it actually was.

"We addressed this educational lapse by showcasing the source on the front of the packaging with a graphic tree. By using refreshing shades of blue and illustrating the flowing water inside the tree, we were able to portray the bright and crisp taste of maple water on the nontransparent TetraPak carton."

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On shelf, the fresh new Vertical Water packaging stands out from the pack and has garnered national attention for the burgeoning brand. BRIGADE supported the new packaging with a new website, collateral, and content library – all organically cultivated from design elements on the bottle that highlight the brand mission and the refreshing taste of maple water.

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Executive Creative Director: Kirsten Modestow

Creative: Joe Marden

Copywriter: Robert Parker

Project Manager: Cate Boram

Designed by BRIGADE

Country: United States