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Seriously Unsweetened Sparkling Water

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 09/20/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Sparkling water that’s seriously good. Seriously Unsweetened Sparkling Water is sparkling water with natural flavors and none of the mystery additives of other beverages, so LMNOP Creative developed packaging that would feature its natural goodness.

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“LMNOP partnered with beverage maker Tiny Kitchen Brands to create the packaging for a different kind of sparkling water. Unlike most sparkling waters on the market, Seriously Unsweetened is made without sugar or funky sweeteners and its flavors are extracted from fresh USDA organic produce, not chemically produced ‘flavors.’ So, for the branding and packaging design we created something that reflects the fresh, pure, and authentic nature of the brand.”

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“We created minimalist vector illustrations to be featured boldly, as the centerpiece of the label. The simplicity of the illustration style reflects the mission of the brand: no-nonsense, straightforward ingredients that make for a refreshing, authentically fruity taste without the calories. The logo is set in a Bebas Neue, a clean, condensed sans-serif, which we added a bit of a playful curve to, toning down the seriousness of Seriously. Tying it all together is perhaps our favorite little tid-bit of the branding, the ‘zero calories’ X twist off cap, with a surprise #srsly underneath.”

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Seriously Unsweetened offers “straight up” sparkling water as well as apple and lemon lime. The refreshing line comes in perfectly clear bottles that evoke feelings for a simpler time, like decades ago when people would go to soda shops and beverages weren’t made with a bunch of artificial ingredients. It also allows consumers to easily see what they’re getting, and the perfectly clear beverage certainly captures some attention and looks particularly striking. A white bottle cap further emphasizes the purity of the drink, while the copywriting (such as “srsly” underneath it) adds in humor and gives it a modern edge. Illustrations on the front add in a splash of color, and their relative size to the rest of the bottle indicates that the flavors are subtle yet fresh.

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Designed by: LMNOP Creative

Client: Seriously Unsweetened

Country: United States

City: Brooklyn, NY

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