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Raspberry Pi Starter Kit

by Elena Massucco on 09/20/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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How do you create packaging for the most innovative products in the market? To celebrate their ten millionth computers sold Raspberry Pi launched their Starter Kit- a neat and compact box, designed to hold all the important accessories needed to get the impressive yet tiny Raspberry Pi computer up and running. The team at Kinneir Dufort designed the packaging but this is no ordinary box: it is a well thought-out pack, designed as a clever storage system for the computer kit. 

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“The Starter Kit has been designed with the Pi-user at heart; taking them on a journey to help build their computer piece by piece… First, open the kit and find the star of the show, the Raspberry Pi, heroed in its case waiting to be picked up and explored. The clever flash of raspberry red colour encourages the user to unpack the box and be introduced to each accessory in turn.” The next tier houses key accessories, each held neatly in their own drawers.The box leads the user through the varied sections and their contents building a physical user experience. Open, plug and play!

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Designer: John Cowan-Hughes

Executive Design Director: Craig Wightman

Photography: Kelly O'Connor

Designed by Kinneir Dufort

Client: Raspberry Pi

Country: United Kingdom