KVINT Brandy

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 09/26/2016 | 5 Minute Read

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Brandy isn’t just a beverage—it’s an experience. Shumi Love Design worked on the complex and large-scale project of designing the KVINT brand, including product positioning, trademark design, bottle and label design, advertising materials, and more. With in-depth research and the utmost attention to detail, they built Kvint from the ground up, aiming to create a high-end brandy that makes a serious statement.

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“When working on the task, the agency has enhanced the client’s brief with its own vision. The meetings, interviews, accumulation of information and the analysis of competition has helped us to identify the product’s individual positioning, outline the main goals and directions for our further work.The project turned out to be very ambitious, capacious and expensive. And here’s why. The ‘KVINT’ factory is a very large wine and brandy making company with over a hundred years of history. The products are all made in large quantities. And there’s already a devoted group of buyers, who are following the brand for decades, spread all around the globe. Carrying out a successful redesign and development of a completely new product design that would correspond to the global trends – this is definitely a wide-scale and expensive project for the producer. This also involves the change of component materials, creation of new press molds, printing of new labels in large quantities."

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"With such an immense level of responsibility the design should be approached carefully. We had to delicately grasp the essence of the task, listen to the client’s requests, understand the market, tendencies, and consumer expectations. That’s why we have devoted our attention to in-depth analysis of the competition. The project required a unique, individual bottle shape that would make the product stand out on the shelf, grab the buyer’s attention and make him want to take the bottle into his hands. The label design was also a very complex task. The ordinary and vintage brandy had to be separated, while maintaining the same product line design. Besides, the products had to be ranked by age of maturity through color markers. The final solution was rather unique. We have developed an eye-stopper, an element common to all vintage brandy products, a style-defining element for the entire product line and advertising materials. Produced with the application of the most modern printing techniques, this element sets the tone and mood for the entire product line, communicating the concept of a worthy, high-class and exalted brandy.”  

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Every aspect of KVINT is pure luxury. The bottle exudes confidence and class while gold elements make it even more premium. Its unusual shape helps it to stand out, although the label takes a traditional approach. It’s clearly for those who love brandy and want to try one of the best ones around.

“This project will definitely find its audience among those who love classic brandy. A warm and soulful conversation with a glass of good brandy, a bottle that will grace just any table – it’s all about the mood that is hard to fit into words. The project’s final goal was to adorn the great hours spent while tasting this splendid brandy.”

“The complex work on this project required a set of serious tasks to be solved. First of all, we had to find an individual place for the product on the highly competitive shelf. Second, the solution had to be so successful and complex, so that the bottle and label design concepts would be suitable for a broad product range, which consists of brandy that is aged from 3 to 10 years. Third, we had to create a design that would reflect the producer’s spirit, the feeling of a high-class product.”

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Designed by Shumi Love Design

Country: Moldova

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