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Coco & Lucas' Kitchen Frozen Foods

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 09/20/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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This one is for the junior foodies. Even kids who tend to be fussy eaters or those who have dietary restrictions can still eat amazing, gourmet meals with Coco & Lucas’ Kitchen. Boxer & Co. designed the frozen food brand to give parents a way to nourish their children who have a gluten free and lactose free diet with wholesome, delicious food.

“It’s always exciting to create an entire brand from scratch, and even better when the client wants to break all the rules within a category. Coco & Lucas’ Kitchen was born out of an entrepreneurial client’s vision to nourish fussy little eaters and kids with dietary requirements.”

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“We created a flexible brand for these healthy, nutritious, home-cooked frozen meals. The result is a scrapbook feel, using an eclectic mix of paint daubs, editorial styled food photography and stencilled children illustrations. In a category normally awash with bright colours and cartoons, this packaging talks to both children and parents, proving that kids products don’t have to look tacky or patronising.”

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Although frozen foods often get the reputation for being unhealthy, Coco & Lucas’ Kitchen clearly communicates that fresh ingredients go into each one. Images of fresh tomatoes or peeled garlic appear on the front, as if this dish were prepared in a chef’s kitchen, frozen, and delivered right to you. The combination of fonts, colors, and elements gives it an eclectic look that lets parents know this is no ordinary frozen food. While the mouthwatering images of the food are instantly eye-catching, important information (such as the fact that it’s gluten free and contains no artificial ingredients) speaks to parents who strive to provide nutritious food for their kids.

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Founder (Coco & Lucas’ Kitchen): Diem Fuggersberger

Designed by Boxer & Co.

Country: Australia

City: Sydney