Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Elizabeth Freeman on 09/16/2016 | 13 Minute Read

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The week is finally OVER! Time to celebrate with Concepts We Wish Were Real.

Hudson Whiskey


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A whiskey with history. Alireza Jajarmi developed a concept for Hudson Whiskey, the first New York State based distillery since prohibition.

“We're about handcrafted spirits. Our distillerymen are always in direct contact with the materials and the spirit of the distillery.” – hudsonwhiskey.com

"This student project embarks on an evolutionary, to some extents revolutionary, redesign of the Baby Bourbon and the Manhattan Rye whiskey labels. It was important to pay attention to the notion of craft whiskey while designing the labels and give them the look and feel of handcraftedness by the usage of clean typography and creative materials.”

Hudson Whiskey features two varieties: Baby Bourbon and Manhattan Rye. Both come in stout, fat bottles that imply the flavor is full and intense. Fonts are unique to each one, but both feel modern and give the spirit a contemporary edge despite the company’s history and dedication to their craft. Other elements of the branding, such as images of wooden tools or elegant marble whiskey stones, emphasize fine artisan details.

Designed by Alireza Jajarmi

Country: United States

City: San Francisco, CA

Fever Tree & Malaria No More UK


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Quinine is an ingredient in tonic water that is also used in the treatment of malaria. Fever Tree wanted to create some limited edition bottles for a Malaria No More UK campaign, and Perry Rowe developed the concept to focus on the tradition of tribal face painting.

“In African culture, tribal face painting isn’t only a form of self-expression or hunting, but it is also used to scare one’s enemies away. This became a strong connection to the relationship between quinine and the enemy; malaria. Using tribal face painting as a source of inspiration, I created visuals that symbolise what ‘life’ means to the four chosen countries in my chosen continent (Africa).”

Each bottle features a painting style unique to different locations, like the Congo or Nigeria. The illustrations are not merely imagined; instead, Rowe researched a specific word and meaning for each culture and brought it to life. Bottles are a gradient and go from clear at the top to opaque white at the bottom, creating a rather lovely effect that is inspired by the delicate flavors of each tonic water. Bottle caps are metallic and remind buyers the high quality drink that Fever Tree offers. The result is a line of intriguing bottles that tell a story and educate consumers about malaria.

Designed by Perry Rowe

Country: United Kingdom

Signorvino Beers


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Blonde or red? Signorvino couldn’t choose, so he had them both. Elisabetta Barni created the concept for Signorvino Beers, developing two distinct, memorable personalities for the Blonde and Red ales.

“Restyling project for two beer's flavours. The Blonde and the Red are represented as two sisters, former lovers of Signorvino. The man tries to recreate the imagine of a past love that is vanishing, using the technique of collage for bring to life again the spirit of these two women. Figures are presented with a description that tells the characteristics of the beer humanizing it, as if it were a woman.”

“Description of the Red Beer: ‘She's just like that, authentic, enchanting, a real Italian woman: the Red bewitches you with her amber eyes. She's intense, she fascinates you, capturing your attention with her sweet fragrance. Being with her is like jumping from a cliff: it takes your breath away. When you take her to the restaurant she orders a steak, and when she tells you goodnight her lips taste like caramel.’"

“Description of the Blonde Beer: ‘When the Blonde shows up in can’t ignore her, she leaves an essence of flowers, fruits that makes you crazy. Her step is light, and her laugh crystal clear, like the water of a mountain stream. She likes pasta with pesto, and when she eats it she never stops to be sparkling with her chats. When you look at her in the moonlight her golden hair shines in its own light.’"

Signorvino Beers come in two sizes, a 33cl and 75cl. The dreamy labels help to capture the qualities and characteristics that are used to describe each woman with a retro inspired photograph and a variety of colors, patterns, and graphics. Something about the design feels light and both women appear in what seems to be bathing suits, implying that it’s the perfect beer to crack open on a hot summer day.

Designed by Elisabetta Barni

Country: Italy

City: Milan

Teozenca Organic Groceries

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Teozenca wants to make the healthy lifestyle easier. This young, pioneering brand aims to bring organic and hydroponic groceries into the home, merging the love for a healthful diet with technology. Parhelia designed this concept for Teozenca to demonstrate the benefits it offers to consumers, the environment, and to the industrial process.

“With a unique brand in the market, they seek to push people into a healthy lifestyle and supporting farmers with an evolved and much better product. We created the logo inspired in the crop’s process, made through their unique technology, the ‘geomembrana,’ having in mind the concepts of hi-tech and nahuatl culture (where the name comes from). The packaging is made out of raw materials, such as kraft paper to showcase the importance of the process.”

Teozenca uses plant inspiration, such as leaves, bundles of carrots, seeds, and herbs to give consumers a sense of the healthy diet they promote. The logo features a blooming plant that we can also see the roots of, a clear representation of the brand itself. A rich, rainforest green is lush and sophisticated, and the sans serif font adds to the element of luxury found in the simple things.

Designed by Parhelia

Country: Mexic

Nature’s Medley Gluten-Free Flours


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Nature’s Medley could make baking a piece of cake with ergonomic, sustainable design, easy-pour spout, and built-in measuring cup. Rebecca Kisch, Catlin Khamashta, and Sally Yingst developed the packaging in a challenge at California Polytechnic State University.

“Nature's Medley was created during the 48 Hour Repack Challenge. Nature's Medley is an assortment of six organic, gluten-free flours that are stored in 100% recyclable, paperboard receptacles. The package itself, is a two-piece, resealable parcel featuring a nine-sided contoured body, a built-in easy-to-pour spout and a lid that doubles as a measuring cup. Its ergonomic design allows the customer to hold the product in one hand and easily stow it away after use. Additionally, the package is sealed with a tamper resistant paperboard band which wraps vertically around the majority of the body.”

Nature’s Medley offers a lot of simple solutions to make the whole process of baking far easier. Not only is the packaging recyclable, but it can be used to measure out the amount of flour needed without dirtying any measuring cups. The geometric look is not only eye-catching but makes it easier to pour the flour with only one hand. Playful patterns and a variety of colors help to discern the six flours apart, and it makes them a vibrant choice in an otherwise plain category of products.

Designed by Rebecca Kisch, Catlin Khamashta, Sally Yingst

Country: United States

TOP Condom


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“The other pill.” TOP Condom is a line of condoms that pulls packaging inspiration from the birth control pills that are available to women. Su Park designed the concept so that consumers can actually see the product and choose which texture is the best for them.

“Student Award from Applied Arts in Packaging. A condom packaging that slides into your bag. Choose your favorite texture!”

TOP Condom comes in three varieties: smooth, ribbed, and dotted. The underside of the condom packaging subtly represents this—thin lines for the ribbed or a sleek look for the smooth. An outer sleeve holds the two sheets of six condoms together, and each type has its own coordinating hue. Since it’s called “the other pill,” the packaging takes a medicinal route, whereas other condoms on the market try to harness seductive sexual energy. It comes off as a reliable option, and having the word “top” in the brand name gives the impression that it’s one of the best available. Allowing consumers to see the condoms before buying certainly helps with purchasing decisions, and since they’re not individually wrapped there is less waste overall.

Designed by Su Park

Country: Canada

City: Montreal, Quebec

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