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Wedding Videography Delivery Box

by Elizabeth Freeman on 09/21/2016 | 4 Minute Read

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Wedding videography is about the closest thing you’ll get to re-living your special day, so why not make receiving the video extra special, too? Nikolas Grigoriou designed the delivery box that newlyweds get for their wedding videography from Kostas Kastanakis, including a DVD and USB drive to preserve the memories.

“The initial brief from the client was to design a case which will accommodate the video of the wedding day. As a wedding videographer, Mr. Kostas Kastanakis, always tries to capture the real feelings and the moments of that special day.”

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“Following that, our aim was to design and to create a case that will be of the same 'importance' as the visual material that will carry. The materials and the elements used were carefully crafted and selected to amplify that essence.”

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“The specific case was designed and custom built. Wood was used as the core material and the reason behind that was the importance of the information that will accommodate, the unique value of the moments and feelings of that special day, the wedding day.”

Weddings are often black tie events, and the delivery box looks elegant and sophisticated with clean black and white packaging. The box flips open beautifully to present the disc and USB drive, and Grigoriou avoids extraneous graphics and text. By keeping things simple it remains timeless—something that the recipients will want to look back on continually throughout their lives. The DVD and USB drive fit perfectly in the box so they will never get misplaced in the home, and by keeping the packaging small it’s possible to stow it away for safe keeping or display on a shelf without being a distraction.

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Designed by Nikolas Grigoriou

Country: Greece