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by Elizabeth Freeman on 09/15/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Misha welcomes you to the quark side of life. This delicious dairy product is made from grass-fed milk sourced from surrounding small family farms in the upstate New York area. Similar to yogurt (but oh-so-different), Safari Sundays developed the design strategy, tone of voice, messaging and brand story, logo design, and packaging design for Misha introducing this irresistible, next generation of dairy.

“Quark—the up-and-coming, smooth player in the dairy world with a whole lot to offer the higher protein, less fat, un-tart seeking dairy lover. Yet, as a dairy category in its infancy quark is still relatively unknown, and the word itself gets confused with anything from an elementary particle to Star Trek.”

“Inspired by the commitment, passion and style sensibility of Misha's Co-Founders, Kamilya Abilova and Daniyar Chukin, Safari Sundays set out to tell the quark story to the world. Understanding this new product was paramount, and there was a lot to say.”

Strategy director, Georgia Levison mentions, “Our challenge lay in telling the full story, on a tiny tub, with a fresh, 'next generation' attitude that could be stylish too, and then of course there was the delicious moreishness of the product that people just needed to know about!”

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“Safari Sundays started by creating a bolder, prouder, stamp logo that said, crafted yet purposeful, and that Misha was a new way of doing things. And then there was the sneaky scoop out of the ‘i’ because Misha is truly irresistible. The pack itself needed to tell a bigger story but not at the expense of simplicity and freshness. The benefits became an integrated pattern and the crafted flavors were designed in a modern, mouth popping style that you couldn’t miss.”

Misha is packaged similarly to yogurt, so it’s impossible to mistake it for anything but a dairy product. Ingredients icons instantly help consumers decide on which flavor they’d like, and the sans serif font gives it a modern and relatable feel. One of the big attractions of eating quark is the protein content, which is clearly displayed on each container to emphasize its health benefits.

Adam Walko, Creative Director says, "We challenged dairy traditions with a simple, modern, letterpress style of ingredient illustration. And then we crafted the quark facts into a bold but integrated pattern that people could choose to engage with, or simply see as a symbol of all the tasty goodness inside. The flavors come in bright pops of color to juxtapose the stylish presence of black, always keeping it simple yet showing people that this is something different.”

“The rest of the Misha story is told in a relaxed and inviting tone across the different faces of the pack, including the underside of the lid, offering a helping hand for your journey into the delicious unknown.”

Co-founder and CEO Kamilya Abilova, adds, “Misha Quark is similar to and yet so different from yogurt when it comes to the overall eating experience. It’s a fresh and disruptive presence in a very familiar yogurt aisle and we wanted this to be communicated to our consumers. The new design shows that Misha is characterful yet simple, an honestly made brand and it’s new identity positions quark as a truly modern dairy.”

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Designed by Safari Sundays

Country: United States

City: New York

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