BacAttack Cleaning Range

by Elizabeth Freeman on 09/19/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Goodbye dirt and grime, and hello BacAttack. This range of cleaning products like toilet bowl and floor cleaners was created to make cleaning up big messes, stains, and other muck an easy task. Love Mondays (Branding) developed the branding and packaging to encourage consumers and let them know a clean home is simple to attain with their products.

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“Dairy Farm is a leading pan-Asian retailer whose objective is to launch new (private label) category specific brands which are more relevant to consumer need states, and ultimately compete with national brand competitors. Love Mondays were asked to create a brand identity and packaging for a new range of cleaning products for Dairy Farm (Hong Kong). The 99.9% Anti-bacteria message needed to feature strongly in the brand identity, and the design had to look like ‘it meant business.’”

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The BacAttack logo looks almost as if it were zooming onto the packaging, speaking to the ease of use and its effectiveness against dirt and bacteria. In the brand name, the t’s are crossed with an arrow that emphasizes precision. Bright colors help to indicate the scents of each one, and images of sparkling clean kitchens and bathrooms are encouragement to the consumers.

Creative Director Dale Evans explains, “Our solution was inspired by the power of a shooting arrow—cutting through grease and grime. By creating a clear system and hierarchy we have enabled the local team to adapt the design across their larger range of products with ease.”

Editorial photograph

Designed by Love Mondays (Branding)

Client: Dairy Farm Group

Country: United Kingdom

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