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Bourgeois Russian Champagne

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 09/14/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Don’t let the name of this Russian beverage fool you at all. Bourgeois is an affordable yet delicious champagne that needed a revised look. Dochery redesigned the packaging to bring it to life, giving it a festive vibe that is perfect for parties and celebrations—exactly what you’d want champagne for!

“Russians love drinking champagne not less than vodka. This has historical routes from the days of the Soviet Union, where there were several large factories of sparkling wines. It is important to note that Russian champagne has nothing in common with French or Italian, it has quite a specific taste and it is not an expensive drink. The average cost of a bottle in the regions of Russia is about 2-3 dollars.”

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“Since Russian champagne is popular among consumers with low incomes, the labels in this segment mainly look either bad or Soviet style. However, this market is also evolving, and in recently more and more manufacturers realize that the outdated design of labels needs to be changed.”

“‘Bourgeois’ is a typical, not expensive, Russian champagne of good quality. At the time, the manufacturers came up with champagne, ‘Bourgeois’ should elicit the associations with a party and, in this way, they planned to step away from the line of Soviet labels. The bubbles were to create a sense of a holiday. However, the name of the brand was absolutely not connected to the appearance. There they were with the label for many years, and last year, they finally decided to make a cardinal restyling.”

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To redesign Bourgeois, Dochery relied on the concept of a party, filled with ease and joy. To achieve this, they opted for a positive and light color scheme and labels that look similar to party invitations. Incorporating shining gold and silver elements makes them incredibly ornate and just the thing that stands out on the shelf for celebrating.

“However, at the same time we have introduced a complex geometry and supported it by the postproduction using different textures (glossy, matte, rough gold (blind embossing) and glossy gold edges. Such techniques allowed to create depth and volume and to make the picture lively and dynamic.”

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Designed by Dochery

Country: Russia

City: St. Petersburg