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Alda Iceland Lemonade

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 09/14/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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There’s not a beverage that could more invigorating than an ice cold lemonade made from Icelandic spring water. For Alda Iceland, it’s taken a step further and the drink is infused with marine collagen. For this one-of-a-kind beverage, Iceland Ocean Cluster designed equally refreshing branding and packaging.

“Brand creation, packaging design and art direction for Alda Iceland, 100% natural Icelandic lemonade with marine collagen. Alda Iceland is a crisp and refreshing all natural product brewed in Iceland with high quality ingredients. Produced and bottled in a small family-owned brewery in Borgarfjörður in West Iceland, Alda supports sustainability and wellness in everyday life.”

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“The story of Alda lemonade lies in the limited production process, quality ingredients and sustainable sourcing of raw materials. The lemonade is made of Icelandic spring water that has been slowly filtered through the layers of volcanic rock, creating some of the purest water in the world. One bottle (0,33l) contains 4,95g natural protein, marine collagen, from sustainable sources.”

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Alda Iceland is bottled in traditional soda bottles, giving it a bit of a retro vibe. The white label emphasizes the almost clear lemonade, making it look like the ultimate way to quench your thirst. Obviously, bright yellow lemons appear in the packaging and branding, while the crunched up seashells speak to the more unexpected ingredients inside.

“Alda Iceland is a brand new product on the market. The design process started from a scratch; the design brief included the brand creation from early sketches until the execution of the labels and all marketing material as well as the Alda Iceland website.”

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Designed by: Iceland Ocean Cluster

Client: Codland ltd and Stedji brewery

Country: Iceland

City: Reykjavik