by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/22/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Blessed be the apple tree. Yowler is a fine cider made from high quality, 100% pressed Kentish apples, aiming to lead the way for craft ciders in a market that offers a lot of opportunity for small brewers. Sand Creative worked with Kent Cider Company to widen its consumer base, creating Yowler to appeal to a younger, more discerning drinker who desires an alternative to the mainstream offerings.

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Yowler is served in a dark, mysterious bottle, with a skull and cups at the center that are somewhat similar to what you would see on Tarot cards. A bit of gold foil adds sheen and positions the cider as the premium quality that it is. The design elements and font appear traditional, emphasizing the traditional methods of brewing and the ceremony of wassailing as well.

Editorial photograph

Designed by Sand Creative

Client: Kent Cider Company Mark & Serena Henderson

Country: United Kingdom

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