Tallinn Doors Chocolate

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/15/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Trinkets and souvenirs from the road are nice, but chocolate is nicer. Kristi Tamming has developed Tallinn Doors Chocolate to celebrate the charming Old Town of Estonia’s capital.

“Tallinn Doors is a new range of chocolates inspired by colourful doors of beautiful Old Town of Tallinn. My wish was to create a souvenir that reflects the history and uniqueness of our Old Town. So the doors and the chocolate seemed a perfect match.”

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“The range of Tallinn Doors consists of 3 different designs & tastes: Pikk st. 14 (dark chocolate with cherry), Vanaturu Kael 10 (dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts) and Rüütli st. 10 (regular milk chocolate). On the back side of the package you can read an interesting history fact about the building and scan QR-code that leads you to the actual door in Tallinn's Old Town.”

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“My first idea was to produce each chocolate with a shape (relief) of different door, but unfortunately I couldn't fit this part of the idea to the budget. I hope to update the shape of the products in near future. Until then, there is a photo of one sample door-shaped chocolate I made with the mold from 3D model.”

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Tallinn Doors Chocolate uses the recognizable images of doors to capture the essence of strolling through the streets of the Old Town. A simple, thin font allows the doors to truly catch the attention of consumers, letting the design concept truly come to life. Tamming developed a display to showcase the three chocolates—the fronts of the houses with the doors popping out and inviting passers-by to take a closer look and pick them up. Colors are light and faded, as if you were walking around the Old Town at dusk. The back of the packaging offers a little more information about the door design and the chocolates, making it a perfect souvenir.

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Designed by Kristi Tamming

Client: Mutabor AD by Kalev Ltd

Country: Estonia

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