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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/16/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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This is one wine bottle that deserves a double-take. Mosaico takes the beauty of intricate mosaics and puts it right on the label for you. This delightful Italian vino was designed by Blå Design who wanted to create a label that would emphasize the wine’s high quality as well as the background of hard work, fine-tuned skills, patience, and century-long traditions that go into creating it.

“Mosaico is a wine made of Primitivo grapes harvested in sunny Puglia in southern Italy. Just as with the impressive mosaic, this wine is an intricate patchwork of carefully assembled individual batches of grapes, creating a masterpiece of a wine.”

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

“We developed a design based on the name to give the wine an unified and unique identity. To reflect the wine's austerity, history and authenticity, we composed a complete mosaic-motif, such as the ancient Roman mosaics, made up of several thousand hand drawn mosaic pieces.”

“The deer on the label is taken from the fauna around the vineyards, and is also a type of meat that is perfect with this wine. The logotype and the deer are accentuated to create an eye-catching and a recognizable effect. The composition is asymmetric and the mosaic pieces are hand drawn one by one to give the most authentic expression. Embossing, spot varnish and gold foil were used to provide the label tactility, and to emphasize the quality and feeling of finesse."

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Mosaico is an Italian wine that makes the consumer truly feel like they’re in Italy. Every small “tile” on the label reflects the care that the winemakers take in the process to help produce a standout wine. The rough edges of the label contribute to a rustic vibe, while the frolicking deer and vines are calming and relaxing.

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Designed by Blå Design

Client: Stenberg & Blom

Country: Norway

City: Oslo