Home Cranked Ice Cream Mix

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/15/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Did you ever make your own ice cream in science class by tossing around your ice cream ingredients in some plastic baggies with ice and salt? It was pretty cool, although it might not have been the most delicious ice cream you’ve ever eaten. Home Cranked combines the joy of making your own frozen treat with the high quality of what you’d expect in a gourmet ice cream shop. Bureau of Betterment and Owen Jones & Partners worked together to create the branding, packaging, and implementation for Home Cranked Ice Cream Mix.

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“Home Cranked is an organic and premium quality ice cream base that is used to make any flavor of ice cream, allowing anybody to experiment with new flavors of ice cream by mixing in their ingredients of choice. Being the first product of its kind required the packaging design process to weigh many considerations.”

“The packaging needed to stand out on the shelf as an ice cream product because it is sold in the refrigerated section of Whole Foods Market (alongside carton milk and other products), not in the freezer section where consumers usually find ice cream. The product also needed context around the process of using it as an ice cream mix, as well as appealing to the discerning shopper that frequents Whole Foods.”

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“Design-wise, classic parlor-inspired stripes and simply structured layout help with a strong shelf presence, while playful icons explain the process and an extensive list of ‘add-in’ ingredients guide consumers to a goldmine of ice cream goodness. Copywriting such as ‘open wide’ and ‘oh boy, this will be fun’ on the spout replace the standard carton instructions, playing up the fun aspect of making your own ice cream.”

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“The series was designed to be flexible in accommodating future base flavors as well as taking into the account the limitations of printing with four-color flexography.”

Home Cranked takes adorable ice cream parlor inspiration with colorful stripes and playful icons. The logo is an ice cream maker with a few scoops of ice cream and sparkling stars around it, reminding consumers how magical it is to make your own ice cream. The product itself, though, makes the process far easier (and way more delicious) with tasty options like chocolate and gelato. Witty copywriting states that Home Cranked is “farm to spoon,” adding in humor and personality into the brand.

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Designed by Bureau of Betterment, Owen Jones & Partners

Country: United States

City: Portland, OR

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