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Natura by Anne

by Elizabeth Freeman on 08/11/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Natura by Anne is a line of wholesome, all natural snacks from Istanbul. Created by a Norwegian girl who lives in Turkey, these products are gluten free, vegan, and have no added sugars or artificial flavors. Muhabbet CPC designed the packaging to emphasize the natural ingredients that are equally healthy and delicious.

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The line includes chia bars and smaller chia bites, packaged individually to make them convenient for people on the go. Each package has a crisp white background that speaks to the clean nature of the ingredients—no nasty additives or mystery ingredients, and instead just pure goodness from nature.

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Illustrations are done with deep, rich colors that emphasize the bold flavors in each bar. Text looks handwritten which also speaks to the natural ingredients and the fact that Natura by Anne bars aren’t simply created in a factory. Unique qualities about the bar are shown in black (such as that they’re gluten free and low in calories) so that consumers can make no mistake about whether these are suitable for their diets.

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Designed by Muhabbet CPC

Client: Anne Solhaug Tutar

Country: Turkey

City: Istanbul