by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/11/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Snack time just got better with these roasted chickpeas that are full of protein and packed with flavor. From tangy ranch to aged white cheddar, the only thing you’ll want to change about Gobitos is to make their bags bigger. Miller Creative developed the naming, branding, strategy, logo, copywriting, and packaging design for these savory, salty snacks that both kids and adults are bound to love.

“Gobitos™ are a delicious snack made from dried chickpeas, seasoned with terrific flavors. The snacks come in little pocket-sized pouches that are great for travel. Miller was tasked with coining a unique brand name, identity and packaging design. We worked with the client to come up with a strategic approach that appeals to a young demographic, yet bridges to adult consumers as well. The design reflects a playful approach that appeals to consumers of all ages and gives the line that bursting-with-flavor appeal.”

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Gobitos come in an easy open pouch, the top of which lets consumers know what kind of a treat they’re digging into—one that’s crunchy and tastes amazing. An image of the roasted chickpeas appears on the front, instantly making mouths water. Each flavor has its own corresponding color which helps to distinguish it, but all of them feature the same seal on the bottom right to indicate their healthiness. The font is displayed in a somewhat uneven manner, adding a bit of quirk and character to make the brand more fun.  

Editorial photograph

Designed by Miller Creative

Country: United States

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