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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/11/2016 | 4 Minute Read

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 “All for wine, and wine for all!”  It used to be that boxed wine was a last resort, but Bbox is looking to change the way people think of wine. Awesome TLV developed packaging that makes Bbox appealing to consumers who are youthful and looking for something easy yet still incredibly special for any occasion. With fun copywriting, bold text, and a bright pink, this easy-to-carry box allows consumers to enjoy well-made wine at dinner parties, parks, and get-togethers with friends.

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“Binyamina Winery is Israel's fifth largest winery, producing about 2.8 million bottles of wine annually. Many resources are invested in order to find the very best vineyard plots to create the best products.”

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“When you think about wine, you immediately think about a wine bottle, and this was the goal of our task, to think outside the box...actually more like think inside the box. Bbox is simply wine in a box with a small tap. The wine itself is preserved within a 3 liter air tight bag that allows the wine to be fresh for a long period of time. This is a fundamental feature that allows the consumer to enjoy a glass of wine without any worries of having to finish the whole bottle.”

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“Wine in a box is an international trend ( BIB ) although this kind of product is pretty new in the Israeli market, creating a change in the perception of our challenge. The nature of this product was clear, it’s meant to serve family, friends and any get together in general, meaning the design and handling of this product should be easy and fun to use. The task of designing this product was to create a younger, simpler and different wine drinking product.”

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“We designed a craft paper package box rich with fun wordings and word plays that makes Bbox’s presence young, different and especially prominent for any occasion. These standoutish features gave the Bbox all it needed to become the coolest kid in class. Cheers!”

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Designed by Awesome TLV

Client: Binyamina Winery

Country: Israel

City: Tel Aviv