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Citrartwork built a strong and powerful brand and message with "simple" packaging.Chances are color attracts people first. Differentiation with color. While mostly crowds of snack and chips products using strong bold vibrant colors, this chip brand uses pastels for a fresh look that makes Baetatoes stand out on supermarket shelves.

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"Besides signature color, Citrartwork also do unique icons, package structure, imagery, typography and all that combine to create “ownable” that's makes very synergy that prompts the “buy” response from young consumers. The another essential thing also to create a memorable yet strong character which create the illustrations that are very thought-through: texture, color, facial expressions, design style. Each character relates to the product inside and shows it own uniqueness and its own "love stories" to the consumers through the "quote". As every people, every young consumers has their own " bae-story", their own way of showing love. For design style,Citrartwork build a strong and powerful image with a "simple" character, simple doodle."

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

"The point of Baetatoes packaging is fun quote on each package. Each variants has a different quote which relate with the flavors itself. Like pop music,a quote are easy to remember. On the each package contains a quote which consumers can read while enjoying their snack alongside other characters, that they can explore to try a different flavors on the reverse side of the package.Using a simple,short , positive yet fun quote that the public is likely to remember it has the power to get stuck in young consumers head and makes differentiation in an overcrowded market. Quote content is the young consumer interest, which will increases the probability of choosing this brand and increases memorability."

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"The primary focus for Baetatoes are on young people, as they are enthusiastic users of the new media and updates. Mostly young consumers are still finding their own identity and are using brands to define who they are. So,Youth trends are part of an environment pertaining to information that we know as youth marketing .This can enable and enforce brand loyalty within a young consumer.many young consumers are concerned with reading and observing what other people are posting. Mention about young trends, its refers to young behaviours nowdays,especially their languange, the urban words."

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"Young consumers tend to have a language of their own, Most of the words and phrases aka urban words are seen on social media sites, text messages and heard in highschool hallways and popular song lyrics, and also it could be taking a toll on their performance in the classroom or work enviroment. Social media like twitter, instagram, facebook thing is becoming a our best friend to find the consumer's insight, what is on their mind and the most trending urban words thesedays .The essential of products it self (potatoes) combines consumer insight (whats trending, esp the love story thing (bae). Bae and Potato ." Urban Dictionary says,The young generations, today, also using "Potato" in their daily conversation.it refers to a strange,uninteresting and boring or fat person -this usually refers to as a little joke or friendly insult .and word "Bae", is an acronym that stands for "before anyone else," and Young trends using "Bae" as a shortened version of baby or babe, another word for sweetie . #Potatoftheday is a positive “x” factor that will build brand recalling and makes stands out in the crowds of chips and snack categoryThe positive main message of POTATOFTHEDAY for young consumers is to persuade them yo haveself confidence and knows that nobody perfect but they are already perfect for someone out there."

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Designed by Citrartwork

Country: Indonesia

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