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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/08/2016 | 4 Minute Read

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Mouthwatering, finely crafted chocolates are hard to come by if you follow a Kosher and dairy-free diet. A year ago, Simon & Oliveri set out to change that, producing luxurious, gourmet Belgian chocolate suitable for Kosher and lactose-free diets, but delicious to any chocolate lover around. Sheridan&Co developed a bold brand identity for Simon & Oliveri’s line of chocolate bars and sweets.

“Founder Simon Choraqui was first inspired to develop luxurious, finely crafted Belgian chocolates suitable for Kosher and dairy-free diets after discovering that there was very limited choice on the market for gourmet confectionary that catered to foodies with these specific dietary requirements.”

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“Simon & Oliveri tasked Sheridan&Co with creating and developing a strong visual brand identity that would not only reflect its premium positioning, but would also give the brand a bold and distinguished on-shelf presence. With firm ambitions to establish itself as purveyors of fine chocolates that appeal to all (not just to the lactose intolerant and the Jewish community), the brand partnered with Sheridan&Co to conceive a visual system melding both modern and classic design codes that would appeal to today’s discerning chocolate lover.”

“Kevin Lindberg, Sheridan&Co, mentions, “Simon & Oliveri were interested in how colour and tone influenced people’s perceptions of what constitutes ‘luxury’; in particular, the relationship between the blueish-green hues often related to premium brands like Tiffany&Co. We determined that developing Simon & Oliveri’s own signature teal would embolden the overall look and feel of the brand, and would also serve well to visually complement the deep velveteen brown of the chocolate itself.”

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“Extending on the ‘modern classic’ look, Sheridan&Co developed the typeface – a clean and simple Century Gothic-inspired font with an ornately delineated ampersand unifying the Simon and Oliveri names together. Overlaid on a simple white framed ‘label’, the brand mark typeface on pack is complemented by a free-hand style scrawl, identifying the type of chocolate within.”

“The ornate penmanship also subtly underscores a sense of skill and craftsmanship, signifying Simon & Oliveri as master chocolatiers who use only the finest ingredients for their products.”

Simon & Oliveri’s look says that less is more, showing consumers that treating yourself starts with the small things. For those who follow Kosher or dairy-free diets, enjoying a beautifully crafted and delicious chocolate is rare! The brand makes it possible and emphasizes luxury while also clearly stating their lactose-free qualities.

“The design is transposed across all of Simon & Oliveri’s range – including its chocolate bars, chocolate pieces, Ganaches and barks. The packaging design for the bars has the same signature teal hue further embellished by intricate, finely drawn illustrations that identify the ingredients within; for example, the Sea Salt variety has the ocean’s waves presented as a repetitive pattern that wraps around the entire product, while the Espresso bar has repetitive drawings of the coffee bean. Meanwhile, the chocolate pieces are a presented simply within a block-colored teal box, while the chocolate bark range is presented in a windowed cardboard pack, with half of the façade wrapped with teal and patterned illustrations, offset with a contrasting off-white hue.”

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Simon Choraqui, founder, Simon & Oliveri, comments, “Last year, we pioneered a technique to produce a truly luxurious and gourmet Belgian chocolate that not only caters to those with Kosher and lactose-free diets but would also appeal to the most discerning of foodies. For us, it was incredibly important to create a brand identity that communicated this purpose and emphasised our premium offering. Sheridan&Co have designed a solution which effectively echoes the craftsmanship and quality of ingredients used in our chocolates in a visually striking yet elegant way. We look forward to establishing our brand within the market to become the gourmet chocolatiers of choice for connoisseurs everywhere.”

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Designed by: Sheridan&Co

Country: United States