Eleni & Chris Salon Signature Collection: Beautifully Different

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/10/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Beauty can’t be defined, and Eleni & Chris haircare products are designed to embrace the differences found in everyone. DewGibbons + Partners developed the positioning, brand design, and package design for this line of shampoos, conditioners, texture sprays, and more.

“Eleni & Chris, founded by mother and daughter Inger Ellen Nicolaisen and Christinah Nicolaisen, is a hugely ambitious Scandinavian haircare and beauty brand determined to play credibly across many categories. DewGibbons + Partners developed a masterbrand positioning and identity to ensure consistency, clarity, and future stretch to support the brand’s hair and beauty product portfolio strategy, as well as packaging design for Eleni & Chris Salon Signature Collection, the brand’s inaugural six-strong range of premium salon professional haircare products.”

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“The Scandinavian salon professional haircare market is price sensitive, declining, and dominated by huge global brands reliant on heavy discounts, major marketing expenditure, and frequent brand extensions, sometimes with 50 SKUs or more. So it was a huge risk to create Eleni & Chris Salon Signature Collection – a completely new premium brand in this category with no discounting, little marketing spend, and just six products.”

“The positioning and design leverage everything that Scandinavian beauty stands for, celebrate the provenance of the brand’s unique natural ingredients, and harness the founders’ personalities. This is key to success in busy and brightly lit retail and salon environments where shelves are often stacked high with a myriad of products, and where in-store recommendations are all-important.”

“Eleni & Chris is all about being ‘Beautifully different’. It reflects the contrasts and shared passion of its founders who are very different in background and approach, but share an extraordinary level of drive, passion, and creativity, rooted in and inspired by their Scandinavian home.”

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Eleni & Chris Salon Signature Collection is elegant and sleek, making it a natural choice for consumers who want premium haircare. Geometric design elements look sophisticated and also emphasize the science behind the products. Shining silver caps and text make it even more luxurious and upscale.

“The 3D geometric symbol, used as the masterbrand logo, can be layered with different meanings, depending on where and when it’s used: science, expertise, alchemy, natural products, and more. It borrows from the graphic lines so often seen in Scandinavian design. For Eleni & Chris Salon Signature Collection, the symbol signals the alchemy and preciousness of the Scandinavian ingredients.”

“The idea of contrast is visually expressed by a simple diagonal graphic device which can be flipped, matt versus shiny textures, and lighter colours set against darker ones. Like Scandinavian beauty itself, the packaging is clean, stripped back, minimal, and effortless. DewGibbons + Partners also borrows heavily from the skincare category. Soft muted colours reinforce the brand’s refined elegance and the natural Scandinavian aesthetic, and the use of silver references its premium nature.”

Joachim Schwartzbach, Director at Eleni & Chris, adds, “Without the positioning and brand design, Eleni & Chris Salon Signature Collection could never have been as successful as it is. We simply can’t compete with the marketing and promotional budgets of big global salon professional brands, so the packaging design has to really work hard for us. Salons are telling us that customers always ask about it because the design is ownable, has a strong on shelf impact, and is very differentiated from competitors.”

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Designed by DewGibbons + Partners

Country: United Kingdom

City: London

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