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PROFUS – health solutions for professionals

by Elizabeth Freeman on 08/30/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Aconitum is one of leading food supplement manufacturers in Lithuania and was seeking to create something bold, eye-catching, with strong in composition and created exceptionally for people who do not have time to drink lots of food supplements, but at the same time need multifunctional effects. This is how Profus line was developed. Profus is a unique, totally different food supplements line which is designed to meet the needs of active and busy people. Let’s start from the beginning… 

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First of all, we were tired of standard pharmaceutical products and generic design solutions… Therefore, design-marketing team had a vision to create something new and get the personal touch to customer... There was a challenge of bringing 3 key messages into a current pharmaceutical market: the aesthetic package with eye-catching design, the purpose and the strong-compatible composition all in one. Packaging design. The primary goal was to attract attention with graphical elements which are unusual for any pharmaceutical product. To reach this, designer used crayons to create the hand painted and recognizable visuals for the line. In order to make a product aesthetic, designers made synthesis between clean-white package and colorful-informational design elements. Therefore, the packaging design helps the customer to recognize the unity of the products line even if any product stands separately. 

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

The purpose idea. The names complement graphical elements and have a meaning of short expressions used to describe the immunity, memory and vision in a daily life. What is more, this combination of names and graphic elements help to get the personal touch with a customer and associate the product to the lifestyle and health solutions. For example, UNBREAKABLE IMMUNITY is for someone who is always on the run and has no time even to think of being sick, BRAVE BRAIN – for the one who works with huge flow of information and needs a non-stoppable brain power every single day from morning till midnight, whereas SMART EYE fits to someone who has all day long to concentrate look to the smallest details or just likes computer games.  

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Designed by Sandra Montvilaite, Agne Rinkeviciute

Country: Lithuania 

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