Bounce Protein Energy Bites

by Elizabeth Freeman on 08/30/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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A blast of energy in your pocket! Bounce is a brand of healthy snack options, famous for their Energy balls, and they are currently launching a new product, the Bounce Protein Energy Bites. This bitesize product innovation aims to broaden the brand’s appeal to a more mainstream consumer and capitalise on the growing market in shareable snacking. 

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Biles Hendry created their packaging for this new innovation, having worked with the brand for six years. The challenge was to evolve the existing identity to capture the brand’s unique personality and improve standout within a more mainstream environment, whilst capturing the higher energy nature of this product and format. Creative Director Anthony Biles commented, “Our design features bright flavour variants and utilises a bold lightning bolt device to communicate the energy delivery. The larger format packs also build flavour cues with product and ingredient photography.” A very energetic and dynamic design, with a clear brand hierarchy and a simple yet impactful standout.

Editorial photograph

Designed by Biles Hendry

Client: Bounce

Country: United Kingdom

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